Only One Energy Bill,
And Now That Energy is Green.

Welcome to Enhanced Community Renewables, your first choice for green power. When you complete your 3 minute enrollment with us, we'll track your utility bill and automatically match your electrical usage with Renewable Energy Certificates from wind power.

After enrollment, you'll do exactly what you have always done - which is buy electricity - only now that electricity will be green. You'll continue to pay only one bill for power, and you'll enjoy the same reliable utility power you're used to. On top of that, you'll be locked in at only 1.5 cents for every kilowatt hour you use, in addition to your regular electric bill.

How much does it cost to use our program?
You can find out by Using this simple calculator to find an estimate of your new monthly bill with our program. Remember to only include the electric portion of your bill.

How dirty is your utility?
Check the box at the right. We pull this data from the EPA eGRID database, here: Many people are surprised to learn just how dirty their electrical use is.

LADWP Coal and Natural Gas
LADWP Generation Resource Mix


Ready to do something?
- Feel good about your energy for once. You are contributing to a cleaner planet and a greener grid.
- 24/7/365 Service with a Real Person. Call us at 424 255-7417 to find out how friendly we are.
- Priority access to our Community Solar projects. You'll be first in line when we roll out new openings with money saving opportunities.
- Unique login with energy profile and dashboard.(Delaware Only*)
- Complimentary home energy audit by a home energy rater.
- Access to our blog and special energy saving offers.
- $ 15.00 Off if you enroll today!

The best part of our program is that it is available to anyone with an electric bill. You can be a renter, a homeowner, and even a business or institution. No matter who you are: you'll pay only one bill for electricity just as you have always done, only now that electricity will be green.