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Forever Rate of 1 Cent Per KwHr For a Limited Time*

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We believe in doing good while also doing well. Until now, you didn't have a choice but to be stuck with the utility's dirty carbon power. But today you have that choice. Our budget friendly plan for businesses is fixed at 1 cent a Kilowatt hour a month for most small and local operations. We want it to be easy to both do good, and to do well.

We use Renewable Energy Certificates (REC's) to guarantee that your electric usage is green. Watch this short video to gain more perspective on the importance of REC'S; the key to our simple program.

We serve every type of business, in every industry...  And most small and local businesses qualify for the Forever Rate.

After two months of enrollment in our program, you can opt to receive a complimentary ECR Sticker for your storefront. This is a great way to communicate your businesses commitment to clean power, and a thank you from us for your enrollment.

Still have questions?  We can have a representative reach out to you shortly.  Just fill out this form and you'll hear from us in no time.  Thanks for stopping by !