Power for Good: Introducing The 21st Century Energy Company

Enhanced Community Renewables is a Mission Driven Energy Company. We're committed to 100 % Renewable Generation and socially sustainable business practices. Our proprietary energy platform combines cutting edge software as a service with hard asset portfolios in community solar gardens, micro grids, and energy storage.

ECR Wind: The nation's cleanest power experience. No matter who you are or where you live, you can switch to renewable power in only a few minutes with the ECR wind program. How? We track your utility usage and automatically buy Renewable Energy Credits from American wind farms to match your usage. Its the simplest way to make a difference and you can keep paying only one bill for power.

Grid Resilience and social solidarity. Grid resillience becomes ever more important as new strains and threats undermine reliable, consistent energy transmission and delivery. Click to see how a more nimble 21st century energy grid, combined with the power of big data can protect our communities from threats.

ECR Community Solar
Community Solar allows homeowners, apartment dwellers, and businesses to own solar panels installed in community owned solar gardens. Even better, ECR Community Solar customers save money on their monthly utility bill with the energy their solar panels produce!

The Power of Service
Our customer service specialists and certified home energy experts love helping people make their homes more sustainable. In fact, every new ECR Wind and ECR Community Solar Customer is given a complimentary, personal home energy evaluation. We're committed to our customers, and we love helping people meet their energy efficiency goals.

The best part of our program is that it is available to anyone with an electric bill. You can be a renter, a homeowner, and even a business or institution. No matter who you are: you'll pay only one bill for electricity just as you have always done, only now that electricity will be green.